The field studies started

The field studies started of the project “Conservation of Endangered Species of Birds by Safeguarding Overhead Air Pipelines in Natura 2000 Protected Areas in Western Bulgaria”

The tertiary studies under the project “Protection of endangered bird species by the destruction of dangerous overhead lines in Natura 2000 protected areas in Western Bulgaria” – LIFE16 / NAT / BG / 000612 started in mid March 2018. The activity is of medium importance in the project , through which the team of CEZ Distribution Bulgaria AD and the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) will receive additional information about the air-to-water pipelines in the western part of the country.

During the current season the surveys are concentrated in several Natura 2000 areas, which are part of the project – Svishtov-Belene Lowland, Belene Islands Complex, Nikopol Plateau, Zlatia, Vratsa Balkan and Kresna. The aim is the field experts to review the air-to-air lines, which are pre-defined in a special analysis, prepared monthly by GIS experts of BSPB and CEZ Distribution Bulgaria AD monthly. O

ften in nature birds are the victim of an electric shock when they land on an insecure electric pole or from a direct collision with wires. Our teams also found the first victims during the survey – blackheads (kerkinesis), raven, jay, and others.

The study will last for 3 years, with areas of conflict between birds and the grid being protected in stages. The project “Conservation of Endangered Species of Poultry by Disposal of Hazardous Air Pipelines in Natura 2000 Protected Areas in Western Bulgaria” has a budget of 2.65 million. The program is funded by the EU’s Life Program. Its implementation is a natural extension of the long-term policy of CEZ Distribution Bulgaria AD and BSPB for biodiversity conservation – bird life protection and safe stay. The duration of the project is 63 months from 01.10.2017 to 31.12.2022.