Preparatory actions start immediately after the start of the project. These include: identifying the hazardous power lines, developing GIS database on power lines and distribution of sensitive bird species, conducting field studies on bird mortality caused by overhead power lines, developing plans to secure dangerous routes, developing a national standard for bird-friendly power lines.


Conservation actions include: securing of poles by installing products to protect birds from electrocution, marking overhead power lines with divertors that make overhead lines visible to birds, securing risk stork nests through installation of metal platforms, pilot testing of a prototype of a bird-safe pylons.


During these actions we will monitor the impact of the project on conservation status of the target species and the project arias. It is planned to prepare a socio-economic analysis of the impact of the project actions on the areas that it is implemented and its impact on the ecosystem functions.


The activities of public awareness and dissemination of project results include the development and maintenance of a project website, development and placement of information boards at the project site, organization of different campaigns to promote goals, activities and results, as well as organizing training of stakeholders.