A team of the “Life for birds” project watches an endangered geese during field researches

Observation of an endangered bird species was carried out by the CEZ Partner in the “Life birds” project on 26 October. Two adult white-bellied geese (Anser erythropus) were seen in the Peschina swamp, located on the island of Persine during the field research.

This is the first proven observation of this globally endangered species in the Belene Islands Special Protection Zone. The geese were observed alone in the vicinity of a flock of hundreds of winter dumplings, several dozen claws, slips, gray and mallard ducks.

The Little White-fronted Goose is one of the rarest and threatened species that occur in Bulgaria. Due to the fact that it is often seen in the flock of the large White-fronted Goose, which is a hunting object and with which there is a great resemblance, the species may become the victim of shooting. Places with the most frequent sightings of small White-fronted geese in the country are the areas around the Bourgas Lakes and near the lakes Shabla and Durankulak. Unique and extremely rare observations are also taking place along the Danube.

Project LIFE16 NAT / BG / 000612 is co-funded by the Life of the European Union Program and is implemented by CEZ Distribution Bulgaria in partnership with the BSPB .