The action is part of the large-scale project “Life birds” worth EUR 2.65 million. CEZ Distribution Bulgaria has started activities for the installation of bird protection products for network security and protection of bird life. The company started with the installation of a platform for lifting a stork nest in the village of Dospey, Samokov municipality. The action is part of the large-scale project “Life birds”, which the company carries out in partnership with the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB).

Within the framework of the project, the company plans to install 4,000 safety and 3600 marker facilities at risk poles and 900 platforms to secure stork nests. Bird-safe electric poles will be developed, produced and tested. Activities will be carried out in 19 protected areas of the EU Birds Directive, part of the Natura 2000 network. In 2018, BSPB launched field researches to identify bird-important sites and ensure appropriate targeting of CEZ Distribution Bulgaria’s efforts. So the start of the campaign was selected by Dospey and his emblematic stork nest, which would no longer pose a risk to birds and the power grid.

“The fitting of bird-protection products is important for both birds and humans. The safety activities protect the network from fires as a result of the birds so far, thus minimizing the risk not only of the occurrence of accidents and disturbance of the comfort of the company’s clients, but also of environmental damage. We believe that we will also contribute significantly to the conservation of endangered bird species, “said Krum Gledzarski, Head of Quality Management at CEZ Distribution Bulgaria.

The project “Conservation of threatened birds trough retrofitting of hazardous overhead powerlines in Natura 2000 sites in Western Bulgaria”, LIFE16 / NAT / BG / 000612 or “Life birds” has a budget of 2.65 million euro. CEZ Distribution invests in it over 800 thousand euros , as well as human resources and efforts for its implementation. Funding of 1.85 million euros is provided by the European Commission under the Life Program of the European Union. The activities for reducing the conflict wild birds – power lines will continue until the end of 2022.