The special console was developed within the framework of the “Bird Life” project

EDG WEST has started installation of 20 sets of safety consoles for birds under the “Life Birds” project. One of the key goals of the project is the development of a standard and subsequently a prototype of a special console that is mounted on the poles and makes them safe for birds. The placement of the prototype consoles started from a specially protected zone Obnova, Levski and will continue in a specially protected area Dragomansko blato, Dragoman.

The bird friendly console was developed by EDG West together with experts from the Ministry of Energy, the Regional Inspectorate for Environment and Water, the Bulgarian Institute for Standardization and the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPS).

The next step is for the experts from BDZP (partners of EDG West) – they have to monitor the effect of the new construction and determine whether its goal has been achieved – minimized bird mortality.

The full name of the project is “Conservation of threatened birds trough retrofitting of hazardous overhead powerlines in Natura 2000 sites in Western Bulgaria”, LIFE16 NAT/BG/000612. It has a budget of 2.65 million euros. Part of the project activities are the securing of 5,400 risky ladders, the installation of 3,600 marking devices and the lifting of 900 risky stork nests.