The project “Life for Birds” was presented to the Electric Agency of the Republic of Cyprus

On 25/09/2019 a representative of the project LIFE BIRDS ON POWER LINES (LIFE16 NAT / BG / 000612) participated in a meeting with representatives of the Cyprus Electric Agency, at which the activities of CEZ Distribution and the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds were presented securing power lines dangerous to birds in Western Bulgaria. In addition to the main objectives of the project: reducing the mortality of endangered bird species by securing risky power lines, marking wires and lifting risky stork nests, the additional benefits of the project were presented, namely reducing bird-related emergencies and improving electricity distribution infrastructure.

On 26/09/2019, the project “Life for Birds” was also presented at a meeting of LIFE projects from the Mediterranean (Cyprus, Greece, Spain and Israel) dedicated to the conservation of the hawk eagle, which provide satellite telemetry and the provision of risky power lines. The experience of CEZ Distribution and BSPB related to isolation of dangerous pillars and improvement of the security of the electricity distribution network was presented.