Field surveys on the Bird Life project continue

Until the end of November, the field studies on the project “Life for birds”, carried out by CEZ Distribution Bulgaria, in partnership with the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds / BSPB / will continue. This is one of the most key activities in the project, from which additional information will be obtained on bird-prone electric poles and overhead power lines in the western part of the country.

Field studies began in April, with experts traversing 120 km. potentially risky power lines each month in five Natura 2000 Specially Protected Areas – Mesta BG0002076, Slavyanka BG0002078, Kresna BG0002003, Rayanovtsi BG0002001 and Ponor BG0002005.

Аbout 40 cases of bird casualties have been identified so far, including white stork, crow, common mousetrap, eagle snake, big and small hawk, black-tailed reptile, jays, maggots and others. During the monthly roam, field experts also collect data on the bird species found in the study areas. Of the rare and protected species, Griffon Vultures, Rocky Eagle, Small Spotted Eagle, Small Eagle, Serpent Eagle, White-tailed Buzzard, Hippopotamus, Big Hawk, Lesser Kestrel and others have been observed.

The monthly rounds will end at the end of November, when all the results will be analyzed. They will show us which are the most risky areas for the birds and the grid in the surveyed sites. These conflict zones will be being protected in stages.