EDG West fulfilled its plan to secure stork nests in Samokov

The company installed 88 platforms and made 125 electric poles safe for birds on the territory of the municipality.

EDG West secured 88 stork nests and 125 electric poles on the territory of Samokov municipality within the framework of the “Life for Birds” project, which the company implements under the LIFE program of the European Union. By the end of the year, 55 more electric poles in the municipality will be secured.

At an event in Samokov – the municipality with the most stork pairs in Western Bulgaria, the two partners EDG West and the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPBpresented the implementation of the projects, which are implemented jointly under the LIFE program. It is in the municipality of Samokov that the three cameras have been installed, through which the life of three stork couples can be observed in real-time – two in the village of Yarlovo and one in the village of Dragushinovo: Camera from a stork’s nest, Bulgaria (youtube.com) Camera from a stork’s nest, Bulgaria (youtube.com)Camera from a stork’s nest, Bulgaria (youtube.com).

Within the framework of the two projects, EDG West commits on the territory of Western Bulgaria to secure a total of 6,600 electric poles, to place 4,900 marking devices (diverters), and to install 900 platforms for stork nests. To date, a total of 4,700 ladders have been secured, 3,000 diverters have been installed and the platform plan has already been exceeded, with nearly 940 platforms installed.

For its overall environmental protection policy, the company was ranked first in the b2BMedia contest “The Greenest Companies in Bulgaria” for 2023.